Counseling and Evaluation Services

Individual Therapy


We offer a variety of specialties to meet your needs from ages 18 months and up!  


Couples Counseling


We all need a bit of support at times. Relationship stress is a big deal! Let us support you in your growth. 

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy, Family Counseling, Court Ordered counseling, Child Therapy.

It just seems harder when life at home is hard, right? Our trained therapists have got you covered. 

We Get Families!

Testing & Evaluation Services

Child Neuropsychological, Adult Neuropsychological, Dementia, Alzheimer, TBI, Concussion

We offer Neuro-psychological and Psychological Evaluation Services for ages 18 months and up! Pre-Surgical Evaluations are also offered

A Neuro What?

Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Mental Health, Horse Therapy, EFT, Equine Therapy

We offer Equine Facilitated Mental Health Counseling. Find out more below!

Get Outside!

Medication Management


Sometimes we do all the right things and still feel stuck. Let our skilled providers team up to support you!


Tele-Mental Health


 Can't get to us? We can come to you via a secure electronic platform!  

We Can See You..

Visual Evaluation Services

Russell Eyecare, Vision, TBI, Concussion, Learning, Eye Problems, Visual Integration, Vision Therapy

 True Balance partners with Russell Eyecare to provide collaborative and connected services to support traumatic brain injury, concussion, learning, and attention concerns.  

Got Vision?

Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services, Custody Evaluation, PTE, Parenting Time, Parental Capacity

 True Balance offers family mediation including Custody Evaluation, Parenting Time Evaluation, and Mediation for many other family concerns.  

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