Psychiatric medication management

      For some people psychiatric medications can play a beneficial role in mental health recovery. This process includes an initial evaluation of psychiatric symptoms and treatment goals, medical history, psychosocial stressors, lifestyle choices, substance use/dependence, and previous medication trials. The provider will also access history of prescriptions that you have filled from other providers in order to ensure that drug interactions are monitored. By participating in medication management services, you are authorizing the provider to obtain external prescription information by any means, including electronic. If it seems that medications may be of assistance the Nurse Practitioner will work with you to create a medication plan that optimizes benefit while minimizing potential adverse medication effects. As with any medication, those medications used for treatment of mental health symptoms carry both the possibility of great benefit and the risk of adverse effects. While your provider will review these risks and benefits with you, it is impossible to predict how any individual will react to a particular medication and it is always the patient’s decision which, if any, medications they are interested in utilizing. 

                • You are able to access medication management through our provider if you are an active participant in therapy (for a minimum of three session prior to service access) or if you have completed therapy with your provider (your provider will need to attest to this) and need to maintain your current prescription. 

                 • Medication for Attention Deficit symptoms will not be prescribed without appropriate psychological or neuropsychological testing. 

                • Our prescriber may or may not decide to continue your current medications if you choose to transition providers.

                • Our prescriber will act within the scope of his or her practice in the prescription of medications and medication management. 

                • Our prescriber may need you to complete outside lab work as part of your treatment. This is done at your expense. Failure to complete may result in our prescriber not being able to treat you. 

               • Our prescriber may recommend that you complete GeneSight testing as part of your medication program. This is at your expense. 

               • Our prescriber may recommend a higher level of care as needed. This can include but is not limited to: Care by a psychiatrist, Care by a specialist team for severe and persistent mental health conditions, Inpatient care, 72 holds, and hospital admissio