Couples Retreats


True Balance invites you to participate in our very special 2-day private retreats. There will be around 4-5 couples at these exclusive retreats which will allow for plenty of individualized, special attention from us. You will learn tried-and-true ways to strengthen your friendship, deepen your understanding of one another, and spice up your intimacy. You’ll learn the ins and outs of conflict management so you can build solid bridges between you and your partner. If you want to make your relationship
work for you instead of against you and are committed to each other, this is the retreat for you.

What you will Gain?

During the retreat you will gain:

  • Skills to transform inevitable relationship conflicts into constructive problem solving and warmer understanding that can draw you closer to one another.
  • Unearth the values and life purpose you share
  • Information to help you understand your partner and yourself
  • Relationship exercises, but only with your partner
  • Individual and personal attention from us. Each day, you will experience over 5 hours of direct instruction and therapy to assist you and your partner on your journey to couple hood and revived intimacy. This combination of direct teaching, group skills building, and personalized counseling is innovative and supportive for your continued growth and development as a couple.

What You Will Learn

During the retreat, you will learn how to:

  • Deepen respect, affection and closeness to one another
  • Build a greater understanding of each other’s inner landscape
  • Repair past hurts
  • Keep conflict discussions calm and constructive
  • Break through and convert gridlocked conflict into compassionate dialogue
  • Strengthen and sustain the gains in your relationship

Who Should Attend

Marriage research shows that, on average, couples wait six years from the early signs of distress before they seek help. If your relationship is troubled, this weekend retreat will provide you with a road map for repair. If your relationship is already strong, this retreat will give you insights and tools to make it great.

We recommend that you and your partner stay in one of the many resorts or hotels in the area in order to take this time to focus on your relationship. You can even stay with us at our retreat house. Take a Break from the daily grind to relax and enjoy being together. It is up to you, as a couple, to decide how to use this retreat and the information presented. Retreats are for couples who are committed to each other and are seeking to improve and/or strengthen their relationship. If you are doing well and want to do better, improve your intimate connection, or are experiencing bumps, jumps, or steep hills in your relationship, a retreat experience is for you.

COST: $600.00 per couple per weekend. Travel, hotel, and meal costs (other than lunch and light snacks as provided) are the responsibility of the couple.

DATES: A retreat is currently being scheduled. Email for more information and to express interest



Intensive couples’ therapy is a specific type of therapy that is short-term and intensive. Its purpose is to help resolve your current crisis or a specific issue in the relationship. It is not meant as an on-going, long-term couples’ therapy. Generally, this type of therapy involves 2-5 consecutive days of intensive therapy. During each day, the sessions may include two to three hours of therapy in the morning, a break for lunch, and two to three hours of therapy in the afternoon. Your sessions will be structured depending on the issues to be addressed, the amount of time contracted for the therapy, the goals you have for the therapy, and your emotional needs.

The structure of each therapy day may vary depending on your needs. Establishing therapeutic goals and a treatment plan to guide your therapy will occur in the first session. Thereafter, all treatment sessions will focus on the problems and goals at hand.

Despite the direct and assertive approach of this method, the format may move you more quickly and intensely into the areas of difficulty to be addressed. Therefore, you and /or your partner may experience uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger, loneliness, and helplessness. Your therapy may also involve recalling unpleasant aspects of your history together and/or individually.

Difficulties between the two of you may become temporarily amplified. Additionally, difficulties with people important to you may also occur, family secrets may be disclosed, and despite our best efforts, therapy may not work out well. Thus, we can make no guarantees about how the therapy process will be for the two of you specifically or what the outcome will be for your relationship. In addition couples’ therapy in general, has limitations and may be unadvisable in the following situations.

Should you have any questions regarding the following issues, please contact us for clarification about whether this method is suitable for your situation. These issues are:

  • If there is active alcohol and/or drug addiction on the part of either or both partners, from either partner’s perspective.
  • If there is serious violence in your relationship, threats by one or both partners that serious violence might occur, or fear of such serious violence on the part of one or both partners.
  • If either partner currently has an untreated major mental illness (schizophrenia, recurrent psychotic depression, or bipolar/manic-depressive illness.) This does not include past or currently successfully treated psychotic episodes (e.g. post-partum depression with psychosis).
  • If there is an undisclosed, current affair that you are not willing to disclose (such secrets predict marital therapy failure).
  • If either partner is currently experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or has a history of serious harm inflicted on him/herself or another person.

Upon completion of the therapy, we can prepare a written summary of your therapy process and recommendations for you as a couple, and if indicated, for each of you individually. We may recommend that you continue couples’ therapy or individual therapy in your home locale. In some cases, coordination between your home therapist and our therapists may be advisable.

Cost: $600.00 per day as contracted individually through therapist. You may be able to submit a portion of this cost for insurance coverage.

Dates: Contact us for future dates and locations.