Family Mediation

Our specialized Child Centered Mediation is facilitated by a trained  Mediator (MN Rule 114).  This service may be a good fit for couples just separated or in early stages divorce settlement.   Attorneys generally focus on winning, as this is what they are contracted to do for their client (each parent).  During Mediation,  the mediator works as a neutral party that is invested in the best outcome for the children.

The mediator may work to facilitate a child centered Parenting Plan. This plan seeks to transform the process of co-parenting  from opposition to cooperation. This is often beneficial for the children in this process as well as parents.

A mediator’s role is to help develop a parenting plan, connect clients to financial advisors that work primarily with divorce proceedings and allow parents to unhook from one another.

Attorney’s may be utilized for drafting of final documentation and to review work completed in mediation,  however are not often part of the mediation experience.

Parents are expected to mediate together in the same room.

Results of Mediation can be shifted in future months or years as parents find they need to work differently through certain stages in child development.