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So…..What exactly is “Therapy” or “Counseling”?

    We get asked this questions All The Time! Counseling and therapy are what you make it to be. If you are expecting therapy to be like taking your car to a mechanic you may be disappointed.

Therapy is not : Going to the Doctor and getting antibiotics or a prescription for heartburn. It is not dropping off your car a the mechanic and coming to pick it up later. It is not like calling a plumber to fix your pipes.

Therapy is: Calling a mechanic then having the mechanic walk you through a series of questions and steps to figure out  by phone what is going on with your vehicle. The mechanic will then ask you to locate your tool box and tell him/her what tools you have and if you don’t know , they will figure it out with you. If you don’t have a tool, then they will help you “pinch hit” with what you have until you can make the tool you need. Then you will go to the car and figure out how to fix it with what you have or patch it till you can get where you need to be to do a full repair with the right parts and tools.  Pretty labor intensive.

Therapy requires you to show up. It requires ACTIVE participation and PRACTICE of new ideas and skills. Otherwise, you may not make the progress you want (Kinda like only exercising on weigh in day for Weight Watchers and doing whatever the other days!).  Therapy works when you work it!